Description: 1 lb Raw African Black Soap & 1 lb Raw Mango Butter - (2) 8 oz jars 




Description: 1 lb Raw African Black Soap & 2 lb Raw Mango Butter - (4) 8 oz jars 


Mango Butter Ingredients:

Mango Butter

African Black Soap Ingredients:  

Traditional Black Soap contains mainly water, cocoa pod ashes, plantain skins ashes, and palm oil.


Storage: Store in an airtight container and in a cool, dry place.  Away from direct light, heat and moisture.


Please note:

The color of our natural products might differ from time to time because it is a natural product, but does not affect the quality.


Due to the nature of our products, returns are not accepted.


Raw Mango Butter & Raw Black Soap Combo

  • Mango Butter is extracted from the kernal of the mango tree.  

    Benefits of Mango Butter

    Daily Skin Moisturizer (face and body)
    Dry Skin Relief
    Dry Scalp
    Increases Hair Elasticity Which Reduces Breakage

    Hair Moisturizer
    Skin Rash (including diaper rash)
    Blemishes and Wrinkles by increasing collagen formation

    Promotes Cell Regeneration
    Sun and Wind Protection
    Reduce Blemishes and Scarring
    Eliminating Scalp Irritation from Dryness 
    Absorbs Quickly Without Leaving a Greasy Residue
    Helps Restore Elasticity to Skin
    Helps to Prevent Stretch Marks
    Great for Body Massage as Well!!!